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Untapped Hip Hop is an independent magazine based in the Inland Empire, California. We are platform for artist all over the world inspired by hip hop culture to showcase their talents and expose their work to an audience that they may have not been able to reach before. Untapped Hip Hop is wants to work with artists that the mainstream overlooks the DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH so to say, the artists that stays up late into the night perfecting their craft and has to wake up early to go work at the 9 to 5. Tap Into Your Potential! Is more than just a tagline to us it’s a mindset that drives us to create the best product we can, so Tap Into Your Potential! It’s yours don’t waste it. 

A Platform for Independent Artist Inspired by Hip Hop Culture

2019 Issue Untapped Hip Hop Magazine COMING SOON!

We are currently in the lab cooking up something new for the summer 2019 issue of Untapped Hip Hop Magazine for you! Artist featured in this issue includes Jay Bravo, Jesus Sotomayor, Nicklaus Gray, & Raul Escobar. With a DOPE! Article featuring provided by Tristan “Tanjint Wiggy” Acker.

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UNTAPPED HIP HOP MAGAZINE Summer Issue 2019 is now LIVE!

Untapped Hip Hop FAMILY! It’s HERE! the 2019 issue of Untapped Hip Hop Magazine is now live for you entertainment pleasure. We have worked with some dope artist in the past and nothing has changed, we are still working with DOPE Artist today.We are proud to present the art featured in this edition of Untapped Hip Hop Magazine provided by: Nicklaus Gray, Bravo Creations, Jesus Sotomayor, Raul Escobar, David Puma, & article by Tristan “Tanjint” Acker cover P The Emcee. click the button below to link you to our magazine and check out all these awesome creators who have contributed to the 2019 Summer issue of Untapped Hip Hop Magazine.

Untapped Hip Hop 2019 Summer Issue

Selling Out Arenas with K-West & Dazed Effekt

We sat down with K. West to talk about his journey in the Hip Hop arena & the amount of work it took for him to muscle room for himself in the industry and culture. With his dream to sell out arenas, K. West is constantly on the grind to perfect himself as an emcee and artist.

MUSIC Prohibition by: K. West Produced by: Chaz Hendricks

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